Michael Connelly's book, Washington Land Use Practice Series, is published.

January 3, 2017

Michael F. Connelly, Partner at Etter, McMahon, Lamberson, Van Wert & Oreskovich, P.C., has authored the 2016-2017 edition of the Washington Land Use Practice Series.

The publisher, Thompson Reuters, describes the book as follows: 

Washington Land Use breaks down the various types of regulations and limitations by chapter and topic, and further identifies the relationship between various mandates, hopefully allowing a quicker path to key issues. Related issues on key topics, including pertinent state and federal regulations and judicial decisions are collected and discussed for practitioners' easy reference. Topics covered include general and historic land use concepts, the basis for state and municipal bodies to act, and nuances of state regulations including subdivision laws, growth management and SEPA.

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Mr. Connelly has over 30 years of experience in the practice areas of municipal law, land use, zoning and development law, governmental operations, public contracts, construction law, public finance and tort defense litigation. Prior to entering private practice Mr. Connelly worked as the City Attorney for the City of Spokane and City of Spokane Valley.