Michael F. Connelly Available for Mediation

July 10, 2018

Michael F. Connelly, Member of Etter, McMahon, Lamberson, Van Wert & Oreskovich, P.C., is now available to mediate disputes between municipal organizations in the State of Washington, including cities, towns, counties, and other special purpose entities.  Mr. Connelly has over 36 years of experience working with municipal organizations and been directly involved in litigation relating to such disputes, including matters involving tax and fee issues, contract and interlocal matters, growth management and environmental issues, land use regulation, annexation conflicts and the provision of public services.  Mr. Connelly has appeared in front of both the Washington State Court of Appeals and State Supreme Court, as well as various State hearings boards and has also served as a hearing examiner.  He has assisted in the resolution of intergovernmental disputes both in private practice and as City Attorney for the cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley, and has served as a mediator throughout his career. Mike is also the author of Volume 36 of the Washington Practice series, Washington Land Use.